About us

MyRating® is a registered organisation in Malaysia that offers Muslim Friendly Rating of businesses and organisations. The company helps to grow and develop the Halal industry through technology, consultancy, training and capacity building. The business is vigorously involved in the Halal Sector and also provides services that the community urgently needs such as Halal Awareness, Halal Assurance system, and lately Halal Travel, or Muslim Friendly Tourism.

We also carry out MyRating® services which is the World’s first Muslim Friendly Rating system based on an independent Government Standard. MyRating® provides a rating system for hotels and resorts and all types of travelling spots, that will give Muslim travellers peace of mind and at the same time increase sales. Rated hotels will enjoy benefits of networking and attraction for the Muslim traveller.

The Muslim Friendly Rating of Hotels through MyRating® has the full support of the Islamic Tourism Center of the Malaysian Tourism Ministry.