What is halal tourism?

We prefer to call it Muslim Friendly tourism, which is meant tourism for Muslim travellers who desire to travel with Peace of Mind without having to worry that their Muslim life style will be in jeopardy. This includes the easy access to halal foods, accommodations that faucet for washing, prayer facilities and other basic needs of Muslims.

Who are the halal tourist?

Anyone of Muslim faith who is travelling can be called a halal tourist. However we prefer to use the term Muslim Traveller, who is a person with Muslim faith and is a tourist.

What expectations specific to Muslim travellers?

Common expectation of Muslim travellers are Muslim friend environment with easy access to halal food, ease of worship, washrooms equipped with water faucet ,and clean and safe accommodation.

It will be an added value in providing better Muslim friendly services, by having halal awareness tourism courses to hoteliers and travel industry staff, to equip them with knowledge and understanding in dealing with Muslim travellers.

Having multi-language staff in hotel and travel industry, such as Arabic, will be added advantage to bridge the communication gap, and ease the comfort of Arabic speaking travellers.

What is the importance of having a quality Muslim friendly accommodations?

Quality Muslim Friendly accommodation is most desirable by everyone, regardless of religion or race. Fortunately, Muslim Friendly accommodation calls for quality, cleanliness and access to washing which are all a requirement by the Malaysian authorities before permit is given to operate a hotel, motel or resort. This requirement has tremendously facilitated the proliferation of quality Muslim friendly accommodations, and served to attract Muslim travellers to Malaysia in greater numbers.

The rise of Muslim travellers

Muslim travellers are forming a significant demography of the travelling industry in recent years, due to their increasing disposable income, and cheaper travel cost worldwide. With this rise, comes expectations such as food, lifestyle, and need for religious practise. In 2014, according to a MasterCard study, there were about 108 million Muslim travellers worldwide who spent $105 billion; and the same report projected that by year 2020, there will be 150 million Muslim travellers worldwide spending an equivalent of an estimated $200 billion.

What makes Malaysia attract Muslim travellers?

Malaysia is among the best known destinations for Muslim travellers due to the abundance of Muslim friendly services ranging from food, access to worship rooms, and modern accommodation equipped with fast WIFI and telecommunications. Malaysia also has a multicultural multi religious society living in harmony presenting an attraction like non others in the world, with a potpourri of culture and cuisine most pleasant to a traveller.

How to get your business Muslim friendly rated

Get Muslim Friendly rated and increase sales. Please click here and fill out the details, or just inquire via the email. We will promptly send you the press of MyRating(R) and the quotation. The MyRating(R) procedure will take between 1-3 days depending on the size of hotel, no of rooms and facilities available. MyRated hotels get discounts on courses offered by us, and join our network of businesses.