How do hoteliers gain from having their hotel rated for Shariah compliance?

The thriving market of tourism is a challenging one where you always have to be on top of your game to beat the competition. The hoteliers have observed that there is an impressive growth of Muslim population all over the world which is expected to grow by 35% over the next 20 years.

In fact, the tourism market is dominated by travellers from the Middle East, Gulf area and Asia who is consists of substantial amount of Muslim population. The influx of Muslim tourists currently is soaring at more than 10% each year.

This has given hoteliers the inspiration to brand their hotels as Shariah compliant by refining their décor, facilities and beverages to reflect the laws of Islam. This is an excellent market strategy to build a reputable image in the hope of capturing this looming market of Muslim travellers.

Their hotels are the obvious choice for Muslims since they get to have a comfortable stay with Muslim friendly service and halal food. Additionally, it piques the interest of the Non-Muslims to try out the authenticity and cultural traditions of Muslim religion, hence widening the clientele even more.

Some hoteliers have initially showed concern that they might lose outside visitors due to non-alcoholic and halal clause on food and beverage. However, in reality, these hotels earn much more from selling fresh juices instead of hard drinks. One of the hotel managers of Al Jawhara Gardens in UAE has claimed that their hotel’s popularity has grown by 10% over the year even though they strictly serve halal food and drinks and surprisingly, 80% of their guests are Non-Muslim.

This is an important discovery that shows that people all around the globe despite their religion loves this unique culture of Shariah rated hotels. They get different set of equally delicious food, clean and hygienic environment and the feel of Islamic heritage. The people who come for business prefer these dry hotels as it keeps them more focused and professional.

As we all know that time is money and the concept of Shariah compliant hotels are still at infant stage, the hoteliers has only to gain if they strike now and they are doing just that. This uptrend on halal industry has invoked government of many countries to promote this industry. Being among the first to cross the line has put the hoteliers in the front seat of the World Halal Forum (WHF) giving them the scope to network between global Halal players.

With the right type of changes and promotion, the hoteliers are successful in capturing visitors of all kind and researches have shown that 60% of these clients are Non-Muslims. So, it is assured that they are not losing any visitors.

On the contrary, being Halal friendly has marked them in the map for Muslim tourists and the curiosity swarms in thousands of Non-Muslim travellers as well. They are not only making profit from their hotel business but also taking the ultimate chance of selling halal products and services, earning extra incentives.

It has certainly not been easy to invest in this new concept especially since it is difficult to implement and is subject to many controversies. However, ones who have taken the risk have become trend setters with many others to follow as the market is still quite new with a wealth of prospective growth.

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