Impact of Muslim-friendly rating towards the SME business

In recent years, an increasing boost in the number of Muslim-friendly hotels are evident within the hospitality industry, be it in countries where the majority of locals are Muslims or even in countries where they are minor. As an example, in 2014 Spain experienced an estimated 2.6 million Muslim visitors, a significant addition to Spain’s climbing numbers of visitors compared to past years. Elsewhere around the world, the hospitality industry is becoming more aware of their Muslim tourists’ need, subsequently rising to the occasion to provide the services they entail.

In many ways, hoteliers are directly and indirectly impacting the growth of SME business in their respective nations. This includes and is not limited to food, beverages, fashion and tours. By providing pristine accommodations that respond to the needs of a Muslim traveler, tourists are more drawn to choose these destinations, therefore contributing to these various aspects of the nation’s economy. In Britain, where the 2.08 million Muslim visitors were recorded to have visited the country in 2014, they have spent an astounding amount of USD 3.3 billion in the same year. This is an exhibition of how substantial Muslim tourists are and how advantageous it is to cater for their faith needs.

Harnessing Muslim-friendly accommodation also leverages on the existing Muslim community’s economy for the country. Being one of the largest religions in the world, suffice to say that Muslims are often a significant number of population that contributes to society, and therefore supporting SME businesses ran by the Muslim community can also be seen as an effort to propel the economic status of that particular country. Services such as halal restaurants, local modest fashion, Islamic produce and historical Islamic sites are some of the aspects that can very well benefit from increasing number of inboard Muslim tourists into the country.

That being said, to certify as a Shariah-compliant hotel, it’s required an adequate and correct form of courses and trainings for the corporation to ensure a legitimate certification in practicing a Shariah-compliant service. Vital courses include;

  • Muslim Friendly Tourism
  • Muslim Friendly Hotel Management
  • Halal Assurance System
  • Halal Food Manufacturing

With more awareness on what Muslim-friendly hotel rating entails, as well as its potential to affect other businesses in the hospitality industry, one may very well be attracted to the concept of providing a much suited hotel environment for Muslim travelers. This in turn will unveil the possibilities of further enhancing the SME businesses affiliated with it, thus elevating the nation’s economic stability. For details on how you can be certified as a legitimate Shariah-compliant hotel and be part of the rating system, visit or contact us for more information.

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