Training and Capacity Building

We provide a broad range of Certified courses in Halal and Muslim friendly business to individuals and corporation. Our courses are Certified independently by Malaysian Government, or by established institutes in a renown University. Also we offer certificate course that are short and meet immediate needs of industry. Some of these curses are offered via e-learning or webinars, that suit your needs. The courses we offer are as follows;



  • Muslim Friendly Hotel and Resort Management
  • Muslim friendly Health Tourism
  • Halal Food Technology Management
  • Halal Assurance System
  • Halal Branding and Marketing
  • Halal Logistics



  • Halal Awareness in Tourism and needs of Muslim Traveller
  • Halal Awareness in Food Manufacturing
  • Halal Awareness for School Teachers and Principals
  • Halal Awareness in Facility Management
  • Halal Awareness in Design and Construction Industry


If you or your organisation is interested in becoming our partner, feel free to give us a call or contact us per E-mail.